Sunday Gatherings

As of Sunday September 20, 2015,
Shelter and Vineyard Communities share a service time.

Our Gathering Location:
Vineyard Community Center
Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

1970 Grant St. Concord CA
Across from Todos Santos Plaza in downtown Concord.
There is free parking available in the Salvio St. garage.

There are many elements to our Sunday gatherings. It is our desire to create an environment where we can collectively worship.

Teaching – With a historical and cultural understanding of the Bible, we see how others lived and followed God. This helps us learn how to live with God in our own context. We encourage people to ask questions about these teachings rather than simply “agree or disagree.”

Music – Music is a gift for those who play instruments as well as those who sing along. Together, we worship Jesus in song.

Historical Reading – We are part of the ongoing and continuously unfolding story of God. Many valuable and inspiring works have been written over the history of the Church. Each week, along with a selection of Scripture, we read a creed, prayer, or quote from the orthodox tradition.

Prayer – We involve our minds, voices, and bodies in conversation with God. Sunday night gatherings often provide space for personal prayers, adoration, thanksgiving, intersession and confession.

Communion – Communion is a way to remember the life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus in history. It is also the celebration of what Jesus calls the new Covenant, a foreshadowing of the great banquet with Christ in the life eternal.

Signs of Life – Church is what we call it when God lives among and through His people. What we do on Sunday nights is hopefully a window into that reality. We invite people to openly share about where they see God moving in their lives.

Children – We believe children are a blessing. They inspire us in their freedom of expression. Children are invited to stay with their parents during our Sunday gathering and participate with the larger congregation. We offer Children’s Ministries upstairs.

Children’s Ministries
Babies:  Crawling babies up to age 3
Pre-K:  Kids ages 3-4
Kindergarten-1st:  Kids ages 5-6
2nd-4th:  Kids ages 7-10
Kids 4th grade and up are invited to participate in the Sunday service with adults, help out in the younger classes, or gather with the other older kids 1-2x a month, as announced.

Giving – Giving our money is an act of worship. Our tithe is a celebration of the gifts God has given us and a way to live in a financial rhythm focused on God. If you would like to make a financial contribution, set up an automatic withdrawal or use Paypal, please contact us at our email address.